Protests at Solano County Court — More Feminist Lies

I am certainly no fan of the Solano Courts as they are processing cases with a predetermined focus on areas where domestic violence and drug abuse are identified.  Certainly, there is a high inconsistency between Judges.  Which is why the recent article in the reporter about protestors in front of the Solano Superior Courts interests me.

On day number 1 when I was in Judge Unger’s Court, she set aside orders prepared by Judge Ellis.  It took about 1 year of legal crap to get to the Judge Ellis ruling.   What the Fuck?   Judge Unger was totally unprepared.  She seems to watch to much Judge Judy.  She is also completely opposite of Judge Ellis.  Look no further for obvious examples  of Judges being inconsistent.

Now Judge Healy provided a response according to the Reporter:

“Litigants may get angry at a judge, especially in contentious family law cases, when they don’t get what they want. Any party who believes that a judge ruled incorrectly can appeal that ruling to the appellate court to correct any legal error. To date, not one of my rulings has been reversed by any appellate court.”

If you have ever been to Solano Family Court — You notice one thing — Judges practice defensive Judging.   Judges rarely explain any aspect of their decision.   And many of those contentious cases are decided with the input of a biased mediator (Ms.Black providing the crazy opinion as an extreme).  Ms. Black is famous for taking any words spoken by the children which generally mirror what the mother says and as a matter of fact the mother is often using the children to tell her lies.

Further, how many family law cases go to the appellate Court?  Fuck you Judge Healy for giving a typical bullshit answer given by any idiot lawyers not attached to reality.  Most people do not have time or circumstances to challenge all the legal bullshit.  The most solid cases of Judicial bullshit, even if there is money and ability to challenge a decision, do not go forward, because one parent recognizes the damage to the children from further litigation.

Everyday there is bullshit in the Courts and it all starts with a lack of ethics.  Politics and workload management have a high level of influence on how any case is handled.  Then we get into the more mundane dishonesty such as the editing out of Judges off hand comments by the Court Reporters–Usually you will see “…..” whenever the Judge said something stupid; this may vary with Judge but I have taped proceedings and compared them against transcripts.  The ‘…” always manages to appear when the Judges says something stupid or awkward.

Then all of this leads to a crap shoot of what the hell does a Judge decide a case upon.  Most lawyers are honest but there quite a few that should not be allowed to practice law.  The dishonest ones are good at the cheap practices such as advising clients how to circumvent court orders– see Valerie Kraml example.   A much larger part of the crap is all the lying…a vast majority of complaints about domestic violence, sexual abuse, drug use are never substantiated in any way.  Women’s advocate groups teach women to use these lies as tactics in some cases.  Lies are a large part of any docket.  Lawyers lie on top of the lies by litigants.  The mediators add their bias and add more lies.  The problem is the Courts tolerate lies, as a matter of fact, it has gotten to the point that, if necessary, you should, you must lie…just to even the playing field.  (Lawyers love this because they make money off of volumes of paperwork.)

So in the photo below, the woman holds up figures about 90% of pedophiles go to the abusers.  I think only of the fact that vast majority of women who charge sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc, etc. are lying.  Unfortunately, there is probably a small number of cases where the children go to an abusive parents despite the valid claims of the mother.  (The photo is from the report and you should go see the article for full story of the whining women’s advocates side of the story.)

My heart goes out to those children who do go to the abuser.  But most often the abuser is the mother and the focus of the protestor seems really to be about the times when child goes to the father.  And this protest represents what is typical women better organize for action than fathers.

Bottom line is that Family Courts are fucked up — its gotten to the point where perjury by Court Mediators goes unpunished, which is way beyond perjury by parents.  Its a big business for lawyers.  Its an industry.  There is too much money involved to overhaul this bad system and usually the money grubbing lawyers are the ones in charge of improving the system.

This gets to April first, right around the corner.  Let’s make it a kill a greedy or dishonest lawyer day.  Find the most dishonest or greedy lawyer and punch him/her.  Better yet shank the bastard.  Or if your lucky enough to own a gun…you know what to do.  Hmmm.. Valerie Kraml sounds like a good target.   Happy April Fools Day/Kill a Lawyer Day.

Happy Easter to Judges Unger, Ichikawa, and Ellis: Monkey not see, Monkey not hear, Monkey not speak parental alienation; but Monkeys pander to Feminism Philosophies about Child Custody

Easter is coming up and some of you fathers out there will understand how painful it is.   The old white women in the mediation of the Superior Court of Solano County do not believe in parental alienation; these old white women see the world only in terms of male abuse and male dominance.   Thank a generation of feminist studies and lack of accountability in the Courts.  The Superior Court of Solano County Family Law Division lacks transparency to the point where feminist corruption thrives and administrative policies created between buddy Judges can determine your child custody case with regard to alienation.

That’s right, depending on which Judge you get, you will likely get a different path, and a different outcome.   Judge Garry Ichikawa helped shape the administrative policies of the Courts to cleanup a paperwork mess.  Judge Ichikawa had no qualms about using greys areas of administrative policies to streamline the workload and get that paper work moving.  His only guide were the experts who appear to be generally old white women feminists.  Judge Ichikawa is blinded by his own arrogance and his use of backdoor collaborative law when lawyers, in general, are unethical greedy bastards, is an idealists foolish dreams.  The framework for collaboration does not exist; dishonest lawyers rule the Court system.

Judge Cynda Unger is buddies with Judge Ichikawa and she was re-elected unopposed in 2012.  She is about the stupidest Judge you will ever hear analyze a set of facts.  Her decisions are most motivated to showing strength.   You would be better off with a bobble head Judge.   This monkey Judge probably does not pander to feminism but any complex set of facts will probably result in an outcome of status quo; Judge Unger is simply stupid.  Her husband practices in the Court and she is obviously buddies with Judge Ichikawa.   And monkey Judges talk to each other.   She also seems to have connections to the old white woman in the mediation department.  Backroom politics and the friends and family network rule the Solano Courts.

Judge Ellis — well in reality, I cannot say whether he panders or as a result of being new and a white guy, is practically constrained to a narrow path chosen by Judge Ichikawa.  He is not currently in the family court but he handed his cases off to Judge Ichikawa.   I can say the old white women in the mediation department have contempt of his failure to fully implement feminist doctrine.   I can say that Judge Ellis is not your friend as a father because he will not enforce his orders and he tolerates the most absurd lawyer games that are absolutely disgusting.   So in this regard, I would say Judge Ellis is simply a slightly better draw than Ichikawa for fathers.

So my original wish was that the feminist pandering Superior Court of Solano County Family Law Division have a great Easter and to recognize that I personally know there are other fathers out there that have experienced and know the corruption that exists in the Solano Courts.   It would partially make up for my sorrow if the old white women in the mediation department had a painful accident….cross my fingers.



Judge Garry Ichikawa: Another Corrupt Solano Court Family Judge (Draft)

Refer back to two years ago, when it became known that Judge Bowers was having sex with a juror for trial his was overseeing.  How can it be?   I don’t know if Judge Bowers is still there, but I saw he was at the Vallejo Branch a few months ago.   How can a sitting Judge in the Superior Court of Solano County be sticking his dick in a juror’s pussy?   It happened and Judge Bower’s ex-wife was happy to provide details.   Fast forward…Judge Bower’s wife files domestic violence charges with the Vallejo Police Department.   What is the standing policy at the Solano County District Attorney’s Office?  They will prosecute unless you plead guilty once you are arrested.   What happened to Judge Bowers?  It was passed to the Attorney General’s Office who declined to prosecute.  This is not what happens to every other man in Solano County.  The District Attorney’s office never cared if you were guilty or not if you were arrested…they were interested in numbers, in politics, in bending over to white feminist bitches who pull strings in the judicial system.

Most people would not believe this, but if you have ever been a victim of false domestic violence charges in Solano County, you know the truth of the how corrupt our justice system has become.

Now in Judge Bower’s case, of course the fact he is a black Judge–the BLACK part–was a factor in going easy on him.   California politics demands that race be a factor.  So Judge Bower’s gets free passes for frequent ethical lapses that no else gets….its because he’s black and a Judge.

Where is this going….well, I think more people would accept the “Black” factor than a gender fact.   The gender factor being that if you are a male, family courts are biased against you.   The old white feminist hatred of historical abuses lives strong and is part of the Superior Court of Solano County’s culture.

A Judge like Judge Ichikawa–an Asian who wants to be white helped institutionalize this gender bias and more importantly he helped hide it.   Judge Ichikawa believes in defending white women and he lived during the times that feminism grew…he’s an Asian that feels empowered by purpose and comforted by being white inside.  He can’t even see his own bias against men, against fathers anymore.  He’s even so arrogant to believe that lawyers are better people than the general public.

Many people grew up and studied feminism at the University….they were taught to hate and identify the injustices.  They also needed the badge of honor…the boy scout badge…the badge of showing affirmative support of the end of abuses against women.   Its a screwed up little boy’s psychology that is repeated over and over in every environment.   Its analogous to the guy who stands up in the crowd and says burn the catholic priest who molested boys…ignore the words…its about the boy scout badge psychology of proving one’s self worth.  Feminism has created may such badge seekers who are at the peak of their careers in the political, legal, and judicial systems.  In particular, they stink up the halls of the Superior Court of Solano County.

Why did evil win so many battles?  Because good people did nothing.   Most people do not understand the gender bias against fathers in family courts.   But if you do, its upon you to tell that feminist pandering Judge Ichikawa to fuck off.  No one else will defend you.   The political world is too busy trying to earn badges of going after rapists and women beaters–there simply is no time or money for the systems (you help support as a citizen) to protect you equally.   Gender bias exists because of Judges like Garry Ichikawa who want their badge of honor.   I am sure Judge Ichikawa knows full well that some fathers get screwed by the system, but I am also sure that in his calculus the pain of a few is outweighed by the likelihood that few less women are beaten.   At some point Judge Ichikawa and his fellow corrupt Judges make a trade off of false decisions….not because the truth cannot be known in cases…but because of money and workload.   These corrupt Judges makes assumptions and presumptions to push you through the system.   All these Judges do is give the benefit of the doubt to women or child custody philosophies championed by feminists (e.g. the National Organization of Women).   They get pushed to do this by the politicians that appoint Judges and set budget priorities.   They rewarded for having the right bias too.

Doubt all of this?  How is it that niggers could be prohibited by law from eating with whites 50 years ago?   How is that raping a woman was not punished 50 years ago?   How did another person own another person 100 years ago or today?  Our understanding has changed, but people are people.   The underlying causes of hate, corruption, bias, has never changed.  The only difference now is that in California family courts, the old white woman feminist biases are institutionalized and the institutions are smarter at covering their tracks.

The Judges of the Superior Court of Solano County pander to feminist and are corrupt bastards.

{This is still draft–please edit}

Secrecy is a double-edged sword and the backbone of a gender biased Solano Court Mediation Program

The mediation program at the Superior Court of Solano County uses confidentiality requirements to prevent parents from disclosing what was discussed.   I presume this is to facilitate open dialogue and shield parties, particularly children, from unnecessary trauma from information being available to other people—and in this case, it seems like a good purpose/intention.

However, the reality is that the mediation program has some feminist mediators who use the cover of secrecy to shield their personal bias.  The old white women mediators do use their personal views to sort and sift you—views that are openly expressed on the webpage of the National Organization of Women—views that favor mothers in most situations.  These mediators in general break professional ethics and have inner contempt for Judges (ironically as the mediators work for the Court) who contradict their views.  For example, one white woman—that many lawyers refer to as a “fruit cake”—has an obvious dislike for Judge Ellis and questions his Judgment of her recommendations.  Judge Ellis has rotated out of family court now, but the “fruit cake” is still doing mediation.  [Given this as a backdrop (dealing with fruit cakes that are part of the judicial system yet hinder its purpose), I have to view Judge Ellis more favorably—it is very difficult to deal with the feminist institutional and political bias in California.  (Think about Senator Barbara Boxer as a role model for a clear picture.)]

She is known as fruit cake because she makes recommendations that both parents and the Judge disagree with—she has no connection to the cases; this arises because the “fruit cake” is a pure feminist that advocates with anger toward the system.    

Why do the Courts hire mediators that are intent of defecating on the world their feminist views of child custody and care?  I blame the National Organization of Women being powerful lobbyists in California and the fact the mediation program is hidden from the legal system and therefore has no accountability.  The reality is that many grey areas exist in parenting, but the feminist have an extreme view that disfavors fathers, and SOME (as in not all) mediators cleverly disguise their defecation with sprinkles of facts that are organized and molded to support the pre-drawn conclusion.

Note:  Many old white are not feminist—it just happens that this is the most noticeable characteristic at the Solano County Mediation program that you can use as an “early warning system.”

Characteristics of the feminist view advocates (pretty much any old white woman that works in the mediation program for the Superior Court of Solano County) you should note:

They do not believe parental alienation is a severe problem relative to domestic violence and women abuse; in many cases, they believe parental alienation is fabricated but they will hide this belief if they are working for the Court.

They believe children should be empowered to make their own choices in all cases at age 12.

They often cite age as a reason for a court to not interfere with a child’s choice.

They often advocate use the words giving a child a voice—that a child testify regardless of whether the child will likely testify to something relevant.  This is very damaging to the child in later years. 

They often hold beliefs that only 50% of the other professional in the field hold, but they will present their belief as the gospel and undeniable.

They (mediatiors) show hostility if you question their (mediator’s) judgment or rationale.

They give legal advice to the mother.

They question any decision by a Judge that is in your file that may go against their beliefs.

They will usually remain hidden to the system with regard to their bias because many cases do follow generalization and common default recommendations—but in cases of parental alienation, the true bias and unethical nature of the feminist mediators comes out.

They selective align facts to prove their point and disregard other information.  (Usually simply later stated as they don’t remember or its not in their notes.)

They make broad generalizations about the father’s character and use stereotypes as a framework.

Anticipating future complaints, they periodically distance themselves from their decisions by statements like—  (1) It’s up to the Judge as I only write a report or simply (2) this is the way I see it and I am fair  (3) Lack of acknowledgment that their conclusions range from pure speculation to arbitrarily picking a side.

They write a near verbatim narrative of the feelings of a child as if it were an independently evaluated conclusion (giving voice to the child but the false advertisement that is a real independent conclusion).  Negative feelings –even if absurd—are given unwarranted credibility because it fits the feminist’s desire.

So in summary, the mediation program is, has been, and continues to be an unfair system and hidden justice system.  It lacks accountability and transparency.  It is often biased against fathers.   Like it or not, if you are father, pray you don’t get one of the old white mediators who in reality have strong opinions without even knowing your facts—yes, I believe the mediators in essence lie and file false reports sometimes. 

Proving all of this with secrecy programs and a lack of transparency and a real frame work is difficult.  This is what happens when you expand the Courts independence concept to a flawed administrative program dominated by feminists.   (The fact that the mediators disagree with Judges shows the lack of administrative control—it’s a circus in that mediaton program).

Solution:  Stop hiring feminists or get more diversity to dilute out the feminists.  Its not that hard—it just takes courage.

Why Unethical Lawyers can lead to poor Judicial Decisions at the Superior Court of Solano County

The Solano Family Court is already of the mindset that it is overloaded and needs to focus on the most serious cases which it defines mostly as involving serious domestic violence or physical forms of child abuse.  If you are not in that category you are not going to receive much of the Judges time to sort facts.

This leads to Judges having a preference to believe lawyers–out of convenience and as a crutch–and it facilitates another situation.

Everyone likes to avoid sifting and analyzing documents and declarations by simply stating its all “he said, she said.”  (Rhetoric repeated–but in reality there is truth sometimes–so I guess Judges are saying its OK not to find the truth because its all he said she said.)  Pretty much everything you write or say will be weighted accordingly with no actual analysis of the credibility of your information.  Its not like on TV–the Courts and everyone involved merely does enough to create the impression of good-faith or due diligence etc.   Thus because of this framework (unwritten–part of the hidden justice system at the Superior Court of Solano County), Judges look for what they consider to be a reliable sifting of information–the lawyers who may represent you or your ex.

So what happens if the lawyer wants to play dirty and use attorney-client protection to create a deliberate strategy to game the Judge….well, the Judge goes along and your only option is to appeal.  The unethical lawyers is not on trail and it would be a major diversion to investigate the unethical bitch lawyers games–even if blatantly obvious.  The dirty unethical bitch lawyer wins.

Sure you can appeal, but it took you a long time and a lot of money to get to a certain point.      Appeals are for the rich or those that have the luxury of time–ie, no children are involved.  The unethical lawyers like Valerie Kraml factors this in.

There is nothing about the best interest of the children.   This is only what lawyers and Judges use to explain anything that is not directly out of a statute.

Thought you should know—if you don’t know how screwed up the Solano Family Court really is.   It’s just a business for lawyers to enrich themselves with the facade of doing justice.


Happy Father’s Day to All

In general, if the kids are young, father’s get court ordered visitation rights on father’s day.   Enjoy these days while the going is good.

For some other dads on this day……But what if your former wife remarried and step-dad feels he should get part of father’s day…that’s a story for a different day.  Many father’s face this and it becomes a conflict with kids in the middle, and mom not doing the right thing by supporting step-dad over father and children’s rights.

But what if you are experiencing parental alienation?  Spend the time productively doing something else.   It takes a miracle to deal with parental alienation in the Superior Court of Solano County.

Two Fundamental Flaws with NOW Propaganda about PACA (Parental Alienation Child Abuse)

I’m avid blog reader and I notice feminist domestic violence blogs repeat the same rhetoric– and appear to not really understand the substance of what they are talking about.  (These blogs primarily cite their own horror story which I believe to be true and then quote the NOW propaganda.)  You can go to the current NOW webpage and find the same information.  While interesting and sickening to read, the National Organization of Women are not putting out consensus or universally agreed upon facts, they are putting out gender biased opinion and irresponsibly stirring up hurt women.

(With regard to stirring up hurt women, I think about hitting a hornets nest and the 2008 Presidential election.   Some of you will remember when Hillary Clinton was about to lose the nomination, she pulled the dirty trick–she tried to harness the anger of a generation of older women to win.  You may recall when Clinton’s surrogates, for example Salon Magazine, starting quoting the same line over and over–”I want to see a woman President before I die.”   Many older women across America cried over this because many older women lived through a time of institution bias against women.   It was irresponsible and dirty for Hillary to attempt to harness this force against Obama–but she was desperate.  So this desperate act of 2008, is what NOW has been doing for many years with regard to parental alienation–but this time they are harnessing women hurt by domestic violence–using them to further their gender biased agenda.)

(I should add that I think many in NOW are genuinely interested in equality, but the most active and influential who live and breathe equality are like Gloria Steinem–unable to move on with a new world and enjoying the power of being a victim.)

So back to parental alienation–I won’t go into what it is–because there are many excellent blogs and books.  But I would caution you to not assume you can infer the meaning from the words because it is so much more than two words can describe–so I added the words child abuse to make PACA–but even four words do not describe it.  Read the blogs and books if you are a father with ex-wife who is hurt and angry from the divorce process.  I made the mistake that I understood PACA from the words, but reading the long explanations made me understand.

Back to one step from the meat of the two flaws in the NOW propaganda.  First, every father should know there is a game words–PACA at its core requires denigration of one parent.  Basically, one parent bad mouthing the other parent until the child is put into a dark corner.  Well this bad mouthing is prohibited by all Courts including the Solano Family Courts–so if the fucking Superior Court of Solano County would do its job and enforce its own orders I would not be here writing about PACA.  (Ask any lawyer and they will tell you this part of the Court order–not to bad mouth the other parent–is not enforceable with the Solano County Courts. So why do the Courts issue the orders?  I assume because the Judges live in an ivory tower and feel good being theoretically right.)  So if you are in a corner, don’t use the term parental alienation as it is loaded with propaganda–just go to the bad mouthing being prohibited part.  You won’t get any further but at least you don’t have to listen to the flawed NOW propaganda.

So the fundamental flaws.  Number one is stating parental alienation is “junk science.”   Well, this relates to rules of evidence and factors such as credibility and reliability.  And guess what, these rules are very different between the Federal Courts and State Courts.  The State Courts have a much lower standard in general.   So when NOW says PA is “Junk Science” what does that mean?  They never explicitly state the standard–only offer the opinion of credential people who are on the periphery of PA.   The fact is the debate centers of the DSM–a diagnostic manual that is not in of itself a standard.  It is made a standard in some cases by State Laws.  The DSM has historically not had a rigorous standard for what is NOT junk science.  It is more or less a vote of professionals who belong to the APA.  You can split hairs and debate for ever about what is a standard, but you need only note that many DSM accepted disorders/problems are nothing more than speculation–for example, not long ago homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder in the DSM.  Some think it is, some not.  This is really the heart of the DSM–consensus opinion  among experts to form a GUIDE not standard.   Lawyers abuse this distinction and lay people are confused, and the laws that specify something that is only a guide to be a standard, well, screws everything up.  So the heart of the flaw is that NOW wants to hold PA to a high standard (as from hard sciences–but they never provide details just testimonials) whereas psychology is a soft science field. If you accept the NOW standard, you must reject most of the DSM because it does not meet the standards of hard science.

What do I mean by hard science versus soft?  Hard science is one where you can write rules and do experiments to verify things.  You do not have this luxury with psychology.  Psychologist use experience, judgment, and speculation–i.e. soft science is a little more than taking the best guess supported by available information and no proof is necessary.

The second fundamental flaw the NOW propaganda is that they assume domestic violence and PA are mutually exclusive–its one or the other.  Father’s rights blogs have gotten into this track.  This creates polarization and works to the advantage of NOW.  Father’s blogs need to acknowledge that both domestic violence and parental alienation occur–just as NOW and other gender biased organization need to do.  The need for credibility is important because NOW has one natural advantage–people believe what they can see.  Pictures of a black-eyed woman with cuts gets more votes in legislatures than something people have to read and analyze.  Our fault–we elect dumb politicians–and we let the lawyers run the show.  (Why do you have to be a lawyer to understand the law if the law was meant as a guide for all people?  Job security–family law is big business and the money grubbing lawyers have little value added but they ensure the process includes them  more than is necessary.)

The Superior Court of Solano County has gone down the mutually exclusive track as a result of our elected officials.  The Courts screen every case for domestic violence and when they are done–there is little time for anything else.  This is why false domestic violence allegations get so much traction and waste so much time.   (Can you imaging the Solano District Attorney prosecuting false domestic violence allegations?  It will not happen.  The operating doctrine by NOW–and through their political support– is that prosecuting false allegations will deter women from filing truthful violations.  At this point, there may be more false than truthful allegations–and NOW has taken society in a direction that does not help women but is done because of short-sighted gender bias that does not have equality as a goal.)

So as trivia (because even thought I tried to write in a lively fashion, I probably failed), what is true junk science and the roots of evidence for Courts?  It derives from the 1920 to 1930s deep South where they used science to prosecute rapists — almost exclusively black males.   It worked like this:  they stripped the black male and showed him erotic photos and did other things to get a reaction.  At first visual reactions were identified and if none, electrodes were attached to the penis; if an electrical signal was detected in response to erotic stimulus it was recorded.  This was considered presumptive evidence that a black male was a rapist.  Now are the lawyers of the deep South any different today–in essence have the same motivations and use the same short cuts today.  People are people and the actions and motivations of the past are often repeated in a different way.  Most certainly the lawyering business has always attracted many unethical and greedy people (not all lawyers, just most are this way).  Federal rules of evidence started originally as a response to this true junk science and many other practices across the US at the time.   In 50 years the stupid lawyers will be talking about how domestic violence programs prosecuted innocent people and how the NOW furthered gender bias in America.


Good News–A win for Fathers! Mother Ordered by California Appellate Court to pay half-million dollars for alienating children; her lawyers sanctioned for playing court games

February 2012  Wahl v. Perkins — This case finally resolved appeals and is fairly recent and sure sounds relevant to many cases in the Solano County Courts.   Sound familiar?– opposing lawyer for mother playing dirty tricks with Solano Court Judge doing nothing.   Mother alienating father using false domestic violence allegations.   Court mediator can’t see anything but domestic violence.

This Court case is very different than yours or mine in one way–The father was wealthy and could afford to take the case to the Appellate Court.   (There is a reality that arrogant lawyers and Judges forget–justice takes money.)  The fact that it was the appellate Court means Superior Court Judges will take notice.

I attached the ruling….happy reading.   And be sure to file complaints on your local Solano County Judge, Court appointed mediator who simply wrote up what the mother said, and ask the State Bar to investigate opposing counsel if they played those stupid childish tricks to win their case.  If you don’t complain (its free) then you allow the complacent and bad to perpetuate and hurt you again or someone else.

So there is Justice on Parental Alienation if you have enough money….this is the part the Court system keeps forgetting to tell you.  This new ruling should help the rest of us or at least its a new big step in the right direction.


In the best interest of the children….what does this mean? Another Rant.

The court, judges, and everybody will use this phrase over and over as if it had a specific meaning.  It really is just rhetoric to put the speakers actions or words beyond questioning.   Its a dirty lawyer’s trick…a game of words.

I went to Court for the best interest of my kids.  I saw a Judge who ignored blatant serious lies and even when I brought the lies up again, the Judge ignored them.   I saw the Court mediator lie under oath and her lie was self-evident.   I saw my ex’s attorney negotiate in bad-faith and then advise my ex not to follow the Courts interim orders.   I brought this up.   (Her attorney claimed attorney-client rights.)  It did not change the fact that the lawyer was playing dirty games and there was enough open information for the Judge to act–but of course the Judge did not act.

Yes…a lot went against me.  Because I was playing by the rules.  I did not realize that the court factors in that every parent will lie– you are behind from the get-go if you are not telling terrible lies about your ex.

All in all, I would have to say that the Solano Family Court is a circus.   There is no point in being honest.  The Judges don’t care–they just want your case gone.   Even the Court’s own mediator can lie under oath and be forgiven.    The lawyer’s are in it for money–so expect them to do everything to drag out the case (lazy bloodsuckers).

So where is the best interest of children to be found by a faulty process?   The courts don’t really care about the best interest of the kids.  It is sham from the start.

It breaks every value I have, but I have to say if you go to Court….lie..lie..lie and do whatever you have to win.   Because the Court is just as dishonest.  The Court has no integrity and is a place where complacent Judges collect their pay checks and greedy lawyers harvest blood.  (politics and making money are the masters of our Judges and Solano Lawyers)

The winner in the Solano Family Court is the one who will lie the most and the losers are the children.

I look forward to next years budget cuts because if nothing else no courts are better than bad courts.

I hope I adequately explained my feeling of disgust for the three ring circus called the Superior Court of Solano County.  If there is a hell, I am quite sure that many people who work for and at the Court will get their just reward.

Refer to this blog and then consider how many times the Judges and lawyers of the Solano County Court act if the expression in the best interest of the children was something definitive.  (Goes back to lawyer egos and not being able to understand how little they understand or that that they talk using meaningless rhetoric.)

Comparative Basis As Indicator of Solano District Attorney’s Office Bias against Males with Regard to Domestic Violence

An example that can be repeated a thousand times over to illustrate the difference between Solano County and Non-feminist ruled country.    (Outside of Senators Boxer and Feinstein territory)

A former Miss New Hampshire was charged with biting, scratching, kicking, and punching her boyfriend.  She was charged with simple assault.  This is a misdemeanor there.

If this had occurred in Solano County and it Miss Newhapshire was a Mister, he would be charged with felony domestic violence and his life would be ruined regardless of the outcome of any trial or proceedings.   The Solano District Attorney’s Office has maintained a 100% prosecution policy for all charges (for males) and they go for the felony charge and will only settle for misdemeanors.

The Solano District Attorney’s Office scored many political points over the years for putting away many bad fathers–the problem is some of those of those fathers were victims of false allegations.  The District Attorney’s Office did not care about false allegations and still does not.

This relates to the Solano Family Court in that such an event of a false allegation would put a father in a bad framework for any child custody evaluation.  Remember that Domestic Violence and Child Support are the biggest things the Court looks at for the best interest of the children (whatever that means).

In many ways, the Solano District Attorney’s Office violated the civil rights of some fathers and behaved no differently than in a witch hunt.  Some of those in that office that knowingly prosecuted or persecuted an innocent father are themselves (the prosecutors from the DA’s office) criminals in my mind.

I hope father’s you note that some Judges on the bench today were in that office at the peak of the witch hunts against males.

See attached Image of Miss New Hampshire arrest article.

Miss New Hampshire Charged with Simple Assault